Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Santa, Cinderella, and Pixie Fairy's

My little kids believe in some very interesting things. At Christmas time my 5 year old puts out Cookies for Santa and Carrots for his reindeer. When she wakes up Christmas morning she truly believes that Santa and Rudolph came into our house and partook!

I've never heard her break down the specifics of what an overnight trip to every house in the world would take. She's never asked me how a deer can defy gravity and fly from house to house... she just believes.

I have had a faith in God as my creator and Jesus as my savior and redeemer for nearly 30 years. Although i wonder on a daily basis how God can speak the Universe into existance. How did he speak and human life came to be. Every day i wonder how over 4000 years ago a guy named Moses walked on dry ground through the Red Sea. I still wonder how Jesus physically was dead... but he defied death and came back to life

I wonder how people who believe in a loving God/Savior can meet sunday morning and sing and talk about Freedom yet they live chained to religion?

There's a lot that doesn't make sense to me

Whats my problem?

I stumbled upon this:
Luke Chapter 10 Verse 21

At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.

Are you kidding? Is it that easy?

All the truths of God are hidden in the children and the way they process things?

I will become a student at home now! When my daughter asks me if Cinderella truly sleeps in Cinderella's castle at Disney World in Orlando... I'll smile! She's helping me under stand my maker!

Just believe!


WendySue said...

Awww... awesome... ain't that the truth? Great perspective --- the simplicity of children --- we CAN and SHOULD learn from them.

(Great verse)... Wendy

irmaJ said...

Yes, the tooth fairy too. I used to think that it was lying to your kids about these things, but when you put it that way, maybe it is really more like teaching them to have faith. Hmmmmmmmmm My paradyme has just shifted. I remember when our pet bird flew outside and you kids were all very little. I told you all that we would just pray and believe that Jesus would bring him back. I must admit that I did not really have faith. Ah but the three of YOU kids did! You all prayed like crazy and 3 days later a lady and a little girl came to our door asking if we had lost a bird. I stood for a moment frozen in disbelief and said yes! They were just as shocked because our house was the LAST house that they were going to ask before keeping the bird. Our little fine feathered friend had flown 2 blocks through the woods and landed on the shoulder of a little 5 year old girl and wouldn't fly away. They knew it had to be someone's pet because it was so tame. God answered the prayers of three little children that were FULL of faith. And taught their mom a great lesson about the faith of a child.

Donika said...

I loved reading this blog. Gave me a different perspective on the simplicity of children and how we should have faith like they do. Thanks for sharing!

gatorn8 said...

AH from the mouth of babes we find truth. Jesus knew this. I am blessed to have my two little ones. They teach me something new every day. Stay blessed brother even if your not a gator. Great Perspective.