Sunday, April 6, 2008

life with God

Today i was really trying to figure out a plan... a mental plan for my life.

When i try to cope with the fears and anxieties that try to crush me... i think about God.
I, in a sense run to Him in my thoughts... saying "Help me!!!!!"
the thought that hit me today....

God/Jesus does not exist in my life for the purpose of a comfortable life (as much as i try to use Him that way)

God does not exist like my cable/phone/internet triple package. (having Him around should bring me comort and keep me connected)

Having fellowship with Jesus through Faith is not a way to live a better life.

He is life! A world a part from Him is chaos.

Thats a challenge to me. When i pray to God i really need to understand who i am talking to.

Not the CEO of a lifestyle choice...

but rather the BEGINNING AND THE END...The Alpha and Omega.
You made my fingers. You made my eye balls to focus in different lights.
You gave me the ability to love and be loved.
When my body gets an infection it automatically tries to heal itself.

You did that!
If the life Job lived falls upon me... suffering and death i mean.
Will I still pray to the creator of the universe the same way?

May i start today. Fellowshiping with the "Great I AM"
rather than using God as though he was the SUV over the corrolla

He is not the 2100 SQ FT house over the old 1400 SQ FT house

whether in death or life... He is.

He's a loving creator reaching through a star filled sky screaming at the top of His lungs how much he wants me to rest and trust in him....

if you watch "Horton Hears a Who" that new pixar movie with Jim Carrey you get a good picture of what God is like to us... Using as many things as he can to screeeeeammmm out His love... I pray i can hear it through all the baggage/noise in my life.
Thanks for loving me first.
you and i both know I shouldn't be worth your time.

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